Advice on how to deal with a bad boss

Published: 21st October 2010
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There are always some unfortunate souls out there who find themselves in a situation where they have a bad boss. All across the country from office space Bracknell to office space Oxford there are people who strongly dislike their boss, whether it is because they don’t get along their boss or whether they think their boss is completely incompetent. So what steps can you take to make your working life better and deal with a bad boss?

The first step to take is to always, no matter what act professional. Your boss may drive you crazy but if you do not act professional then you can put your job at risk. No matter what never confront your boss in an emotional manner. If you do have a burning issue with your boss that you can no longer take then approach them professionally. No matter how much your boss disagrees with you if you approach in a professional manner then you will be respected.

The next step is to find somewhere to vent your frustrations. Having a partner who you can go home and tell about your day is ideal but not everyone is so lucky. There are however several other places you can vent your frustration, you just need to be imaginative.

The one place you do not want to vent your frustrations is in the work place, which comes back to being professional. You should not talk to work colleagues about your frustrations as you can never be sure who it can get back to. Not only will you seem unprofessional if you are known to be talking about other members of staff but in some extreme cases you could lose your job.

The final and arguably most drastic step to take when dealing with a bad boss is to look for a new job. It is important to remember that you are not likely to be able to drastically change your boss’ behaviour and if it bothers you to the point where you are not functioning and being productive then it may be time to look for a new job. At the very least you should always be aware of opportunities that may be available for you in different departments or with different companies. Always keep your CV up to date and keep active in your network so that you can be ready for a new direction in your career.

Several studies have shown that a large majority of people have to deal with a bad boss at some point in their career so you shouldn’t feel too negatively about having a bad boss. Most of the time companies find out about areas of trouble and bad bosses develop into better bosses. The top tip is not to do anything too drastic and ride out this probably short period of time with a bad boss.

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