Top 3 Jewellery Collections of the Rich and Famous

Published: 25th October 2010
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Exquisite jewellery has always adorned the rich and famous from all over the world and is a symbol of power, wealth and beauty. Many famous women have incredible jewellery collections which have a huge amount of history and interest attached to them.

Firstly the most obvious of jewellery large jewellery collections is the The Queen’s Jewels, owned by Queen Elizabeth II. The origin of the jewel collection is believed to be somewhere in the sixteenth century, with many of the pieces being brought to the monarch of the UK as a result of civil war, coups and revolutions. Unlike the Crown Jewels of the United Kingdom, the jewels in the collection are not property of the state but are the personal property of the Queen and other members of the royal family. One of the highlights of the fabulous collection is the so-called Timur Ruby. This is a 352.50 carat spinel and is inscribed with the names of several of the previous owners, who were Mughal emperors.

Elizabeth Taylor is a Hollywood star who is famed for her love of jewellery. One of the most significant jewels in her collection was the pear shaped 79 carat Taylor-Burton diamond. In an act of selflessness Elizabeth Taylor decided to do what many people do and sell gold for cash, in this case selling her diamond to fund a hospital.

Elizabeth Taylor even wrote a book titled "Elizabeth Taylor; My Love Affair with Jewellery". In her book she says, "I'm fortunate to have some very important pieces of jewellery. I don't believe I own any of the pieces. I believe that I am their custodian, here to enjoy them, to give them the best treatment in the world, to watch after their safety, and to love them." This is a view shared by many people, in fact a lot of jewellery is bought and sold in this country second-hand, most of this being exchanges of gold for cash.

Another famous jewellery lover was the late Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis. She favoured the jewellery designers Van Cleef & Arpel for her personal jewellery, but also had a huge amount of expensive jewellery given to her as gifts. Her collection grew considerably when she married shipping magnate, Aristotle Onassis. At the Sotheby’s auction of the Estate of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis a large amount of her jewellery was sold. One of the most haunting pieces of jewellery was a beautiful 47-carat kunzite ring that President Kennedy bought as a gift for his wife but never had the chance to give her.

These jewellery-loving women had incredibly impressive collections of jewellery and took the process of building up their collection very seriously. When thinking about your own personal jewellery collection it is important to be selective about the pieces you keep. If you have any unwanted jewellery you can always sell it in order to be able to grow your collection. Consider looking into cash for gold schemes as an easy way to get rid of unwanted gold jewellery.

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