Unconventional Gifts for Valentine’s Day

Published: 18th February 2011
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Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and finding that perfect, unconventional gift can sometimes be a right challenge. Chocolates, flowers and sweets are all lovely presents but are ones that every girl has had far too many of from previous boyfriends. So why not stand out and make this Valentine’s Day memorable?
Here is a list of some unusual Valentine’s gift ideas that could make your loved one the happiest girl alive.
Name a star
Why not a name a star after your girlfriend? You can show here exactly which star belongs to her with a star chart and planisphere - how romantic! These gifts usually come with a gift certificate and are presented in a nice box.
Personalised calendar
Personalised calendars are becoming increasingly popular. These great gifts allow you to choose from a calendar theme and change the text for each month to you and your partner’s name! This is really easy to do and they are not that expensive. You can find these available at lots of online stores. Some calendars let you upload your own photos for each month too.
Balloon Gift Experience
Why not whisk your loved one away on a romantic hot air balloon ride? This can be a serene and breathtaking experience as you float over the fields and villages – ideally in the soft evening sunlight. Many packages include the traditional champagne toast and if you have the budget you can hire the balloon for just the two of you. A great idea if you're thinking of popping the question!
Personalized glass items
This may not seem like your conventional present but that’s the whole point! Personalized paperweights, are great practical gifts. These can be really stylish paperweights, engraved with your girlfriends name or the day you met for example. Glass engraving is an exquisite technique, so if you don’t want to get a paperweight why not consider a personalised photo frame, key ring or ornament? Glass items look very chic and are an easy way to personalise something for your girlfriend without having to do the hard graft yourself!
If you're still stuck for ideas then consider compiling a list of all the things your girlfriend likes. Maybe buy her lots of little things that you know she loves, or create something yourself if you have the time. If budget is an issue then make your own valentines card – the effort you put in to it will put a huge smile on her face!

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